Amazing Facts about Bookworms

Books are simply amazing and one, specially bookworms can’t help but gush how amazing they are. In this post I’m going to actually gush about how amazing bookworms are.



Bookworms are creative and I mean that almost all are in some way. We make bookmarks and bangles, and other DIY stuff. If you are a bookworm you must be nodding your head and saying ‘Yes’ to yourself. Bookworms also try everything. If someone were to ask me what my hobby was I would say reading, but I also enjoying writing, cooking, making crafts, painting, gardening, sewing etc. I even collect coins and stamps! Similarly I have met a lot of fellow bookworms who do various other creative stuff. Ps. Bookworms make really good DIY stuff.



Bookworms are generous creatures. If I had two books of the same I would gladly give one away. Similarly we have book giveaways which are fun, a great way to meet other bibliophiles and fangirl with. Personally I love making bookmarks and cards and giving it away for my friends. I know several others who do the same and that’s why I say that we are generous.

Broad Mind

Yes we are broad minded. If you tell me something weird and I feel weird about it yet I would say ok and just go on unless it is totally weird. Tell me your gay and I’ll be like “alright your gay, that doesn’t matter, you love books, let’s be friends” We are also people who see beyond normal societal boundaries. I mean that’s how I feel!



We may be shy souls who wouldn’t dare speak a word to another at a party but when we meet another soul of similar taste you wish we had our mouths glued. We are also bold in things that others wouldn’t try.



If I were following your blog and don’t see you post for a long period, although I don’t know you last name still I would inquire how you are. We are like a family and proud of this family and worry about it to.


Suppose someone won a book giveaway which I badly hoped to win, I would put my sadness aside and congratulate the winner. If I were following your Instagram profile and liked your pictures I would tell my friends about you and help you generate a bigger audience. If you were going to publish a book I would support you however I can and tell you about book giveaways and other beneficial stuff like “hey if you can’t afford to buy books why don’t you check out netgalley”. This is not just me, I know of so many of my fellow bloggers who have supported me so and I’m proud of these creatures.

I also take time to visit other people’s blogs and comment and offer my support in some way. Recently this has not been happening coz it seems I have a million things to do and that makes me feel so guilty and sad.

Happy life


Books transform our world. If I’m sad I just grab a book and I’m so into the book I forget about things that troubled me. I may not have the money to travel the world but I have lived in a hut in Africa on a missionary journey, travelled in a train in London, tasted the dust in the Middle East and met aliens in America. I’ve eaten shrimps and crabs although I’m a vegetarian. I’ve been to the moon and back.

Good at writing


Those who read are also good at some type of writing. It could be even that you’re writing sucks but hey you at least try. All those who read books have a book or diary hidden away filled with maybe poems, stories or songs.

Animal lovers


I really don’t know how much this is true but all the bookworms that I’ve known have owned a pet at some point in their lives or love to own a pet (me!). PS. Most of them are also vegetarians.

So do you think we are amazing and tell me about all the traits of bookworms that you have noticed.

Book Giveaways are Awesome


We all know how amazing the Throne of Glass series is and all the hype about the new book that is out – Empire of Storm. So I live in this amazing corner of the earth but one thing I always regret about living here is that I can’t buy my favourite books at the bookstore and will always have to order online. So I began getting e-books cebause they are cheaper and easier although I do miss the feel of books. Then I posted a picture of the ebook on my instagram profile and this bookworm from India saw the post and we did a bit of chatting of the woes of ordering online (coz she had the same book problems as I) and two days later she had tagged me for the Empire of Storms book giveaway. So you know why I think book giveaways would be awesome. Not only could I win a book, better I could win a signed copy.

Buts that’s not the only amazing thing about book giveaways.

Giveaways bring bookworms together.

Yup that’s right. We bookworms are generous creatures but at the same time hoarders. I mean I would never part with my books for the world. During disasters the first book I would run to save would be my books (maybe my dog, which is if I had a dog) but if I had two books of the same I would give it away to another passionate reader for free. That’s what book giveaways are and this is a great way of meeting new, equally enthusiastic book worms.

Giveaways generate followers.

Here I am talking about my Instagram account where I post pictures of my books. Everybody loves a giver and suddenly you have so many people who know you exist, who follow you and adore you.

Giveaways make you generous.

Most giveaways are not only about books but accessories such as bookmarks and stuff. Now you’re not only giving away a spare book you have but something that you could have. Isn’t that generous of you.

So writing this post actually made me realize the good things about us bookworms which I will write about in my next post: Amazing facts about Bookworms.

Thank you for reading and please do share your thoughts on book giveaways 🙂

Fear and I, Part I

No I am not going to part some wisdom here, I am going to talk about the different types of fear I feel and how I control them.

Almost everyone who has known me at some point of my existence knows about my fear of snakes. Seriously I can’t even look at a picture of a snake. While watching the Harry Potter movies I had the vlc player screen minimized every time I knew a snake part was going to come (Lucky for me I read the book first and knew the scenes).  At school I wouldn’t open the section with the snake pictures on my biology books. Once as a prank when a friend of mine sent my best-friend a cake shaped like a snake I totally freaked out and started yelling and cry. I am so scared of snakes that I check under tables, the washing room, under my bed, inside blankets…. The list goes on and on. Right now I’m checking for snakes under my legs!


As an effort to not fear snakes anymore I began reading articles on how not to fear. I tried staring at pictures of snakes and watching animal history. No it didn’t work, maybe I didn’t try hard enough. My brother got a huge, long rubber snake and would throw it on me at random and my heart would stop beating every time, so no, it didn’t work too. So I abandoned the idea of trying to get over the fear and started trying to figure out why I have this fear.

Although my mother fears snakes she doesn’t fear them as much as I do. The lady even killed one. But I found out that my grandmother and my aunt (my mother’s older sister) fear snakes too. They hate it when someone mentions the forbidden word. So maybe this phobia is a genetic pass-down.

Although I consider myself a fun loving person and someone who would fearlessly like to try everything I’m a pessimist too. Like my favourite fictional character Sherlock Holmes said, I tend to imagine the worst in everything. For instance if I’m walking on a bridge, I would imagine the bridge cracking beneath my feet and me plunging down to a horrible death. That doesn’t mean that I don’t walk on bridges. While I tell my friends that I love to go bungee jumping or paragliding, I’m sure that I’m going to freak out at the last moment, imagining myself with a broken neck or the harness just snapping loose. But these fears don’t hinder my ability to function with my day to day life.


Do you watch horror movies? I don’t! Well, because I do enjoy it while I’m watching and maybe even make fun of the movie, but those lonely times when there is no one at home and I’m just sitting there, the whirring of the fan would sound like someone crying or the creak of the door…. So yeah I don’t watch scary movies these days.

Then there are the normal fears that anybody would have. About how I might not achieve my dreams and goals or I might lose the people that I love and care about.

Hmm… what else, right now I can’t think of any, but if I do remember maybe I would put up a part 2 for this post and I would love to hear what your fears are and how you control them.


Review on Sarah J Maas


What was it like? To love?

It was like dying a little everyday. It was like being alive too. It was joy so complete it was pain. It destroyed me and unmade me and forged me. I hated it because I knew I couldn’t escape it, and knew it would forever change me. It was the most powerful thing I ever felt, greater than rage, than lust, than magic.  

-Sorren to Manon-

I can remember the first time that I read Throne of glass and I was supporting Chaol involuntarily. That first time Dorian and Celaena kissed after the Yulemas ball I was literally screaming at Celaena to not betray Chaol. But now reading it a second time after finishing the fourth book I’m just a mere observer. I know both of them aren’t going to last and that Rowan is waiting in the end.

For those who read my review on Throne of Glass you know I came across the series while reading another. I wasn’t sure about reading the book at first and I picked it up with sceptism.

But a story about an assassin…! It sure caught my interest. But then somewhere in the middle I began feeling “oh no, not another love triangle”. With joy I can say now that I was wrong in my opinion. Though the first and second book (to me) focuses more on Celaena and her lovelife, the addition of Manon the witch and Aeidon and the others makes the story so so good. Like Celaena who budded from an assassin to a true heroin so did the book from merely good to fantastic. With longing I await the next book.

That being said, now that I discovered a gem such as Sarah J Maas I picked up another of her Series “A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACoTaR)”. Again those of you who have read my review about it (I hope I put it up on the blog) didn’t reach up to my expectations. I was holding the book to the Throne of Glass series standards. Again and again it punched me how much the story resembled that of Beauty and the Beast. So cliche!!!

And then halfway, at the mention of Rhysand I knew “another TRIANGLE”! I almost gave up. Almost. But leaving a book unfinished doesn’t sit well on me so I finished it. It wasn’t horrible, the book. It was just that it didn’t reach my expectations. I mean the story flowed smoothly. New ideas were imbedded. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it if it were not for my high hopes.

But Ms. Maas does this thing called “I’ll make you eat your words” and so I did.


Sarah J Maas

I follow a lot of bookworms on my instagram profile. A post here and there and I decided to read “ACoMaF” coz c-mon, ACoTaR ended with a huge huge cliffhanger. Even though I sort of guessed it. Truth be told the book was amazing. And then I noticed a few things, maybe mistakes Maas repeated from Throne of Glass.

Before I begin I would like to say that I would love to see the Throne of Glass series be made into movies or even a TV series as exactly as it is in the books. I hear there are some plans already. Yay!! 😍

Some moments that I would love to see as exactly as I have imagined in my head are

1. Celaena losing herself in Endovier that day.

2. Celaena and Chaol first meeting.

3. Celaena and Dorian first meeting.

4. Celaena as she saves Nox in the Champion tests.

5. Celaena’s fight with Cain and Chaol helping her. More specifically their hands trying to meet in the border of that white line.

6. Rowan seeing Celaena for the first time.

7. The moment he carries her from the bonfire as she burns herself.

8. Him seeing the scars on her back for the first time.

9. Manon seeing Abroxes for the first time and getting him to listen to her.

10. Celaena and Aedion meeting.

11. Celaena and Aedion as little kids, stirring trouble.

12. Abroxes smelling followers and covering Elide with his wings.

13. Celaena jumping on Rowan as he arrives in Rifthold.

14. Celaena threatening Maeve and burning Doronalle.

15. Celaena fighting those 3 Valg princes.

16. Celaena rescuing Aedion, saving Dorian, burning the glasa castle to a wall.

17. Celaena and Manon meeting, fighting and the rescue.

18. Rowan and Aedion setting the Clock tower on fire.

19. Lysandra blocking saving everyone.

20. Lysandra being offered a territory.

And many more but I’ll stop right there 😉

Getting back on track 🙂

1. Lovelife.

The first anyone notices perhaps. In ACoMaF I loved it that Feyre ended up with… Spoiler! Rhys. I could understand the reasons Maas gave. It was legitimate and I knew Feyre just didn’t switch people coz she felt like it or because Rhys was her mate. But afterwards Tamlin somehow ends up being the bad guy. That irked me. You know why! Coz the same thing happens in Throne of Glass. As soon as Celaena finds Rowan, Chaol who was warm and good and brave until then is portrayed as spoilt and weak. That irked me. We all know Mass that both Celaena and Feyre ended up with the ones they were supposed to but you don’t have to make the other guys look bad. Maybe it was a case of “love makes everything look nice and once it fades you notice the mistakes”

2. Age

It bothers me that the characters in the Throne of Glass series hold high positions despite their age. Maybe thats because Maas intends the book for younger readers. But imagining a 22 year old as the captain of the kings guard or a 24 year old, his general sounds far fetched. I mean King Havilliard is a tough ruthless guy. Surely he would go for experienced and seasoned warriors than those without experience. Remember Chaol feeling so bad after he killed Cain. A captain of the kings guard and that was his first kill? True he is just captain over the guards but still… And Ress the guy who guards Calaena when she lives in the castle as the king’s champion is just 18!

Tiny Tidbits 😉

Sarah J Maas prefers them

1. Fae
2. Tattooed
3. Names starting with R
4. Wings

So the next SJM series if at least a few of these things don’t click in, I know for sure he wasn’t the one meant to be

SJM also likes the smell of jasmine

1. Rhysand’s place smells like jasmine

2. Aelin’s shampoo smells like jasmine.

Why Hollywood Rules!

Recently I felt like watching a Kollywood movie and a friend lent me one.

As someone who loves stories be it visual or written I have enjoyed a number of Kollywood movies in my childhood. But after my introduction with Hollywood movies and dramas my interest waned away. Watching this movie was an effort to re-kindle it.

While watching the movie, several things prodded my mind. Even though the plot line was good at times I was like “Meh” and most of the times I was rolling my eyes. Why?

  • Bad acting. One really really annoying thing about Kollywood is the bad acting or rather the over acting. Take a fight for example. While not entirely realistic in Hollywood movies, the fight can be looked upon as real. While in Kollywood the villains go flying and the hero has super strength to save the heroine. I mean come-on, it’s not even a superhero movie.


  • Plot for actor not actor for plot. It also frustrates me that so called actors don’t adapt to their plots. Rather the plot is adapted for them. Is that even acting?
  • Plot line errors. So in this movie, everybody is turning into a zombie and the decease transmits through bite, blood and saliva. After some eye-rolling through the plot line, the guys turns into a zombie but has to save the girl. She cuts herself, he with difficulty controls himself but sneaks in a lick and hey, guess what she didn’t turn into a zombie.


  • Cinematography. Have you noticed that songs have better cinematography than the plot in Kollywood? I think the creativity that cinematographers introduce in songs can be carried out into the plot scenes as well. What we should learn from Hollywood movies is not just ideas for stories but their technical efforts as well.
  • Romance. Action, horror or comedy one thing in common in all Kollywood movies is the romance. Sometimes it dominates the movie so completely, you sometimes get confused what genre it is. I think unless it is a romance story, romance should not dominate. It could be a side story. A movie doesn’t necessarily have to have a romance.
  • Bad song timing. Songs are not necessarily a bad thing. Even though you don’t see songs popping up out of nowhere while the hero and heroine dance away in dreamland in Hollywood movies I don’t mind it. Except for the fact that I can predict it. There is an entrance song for the hero and then when the hero and heroine meet for the first time and then of course when love is requited. It is like an annoying commercial at times.


That’s the bad side. I have a few more but I have a feeling Im going on and on. The good side is the stories always have a moral. Pollution, Corrupted politics are some. I would enjoy kollywood more if directors would self-evaluate what they are doing wrong and produce better movies.

Band-Aid – Song

Heyya 🙂

Well, here is another song that I wrote. This is actually a romantic story that I’m planning to write and it’s about a doctor who falls for a cage fighter. It actually tells how they meet and then jumps to the middle of the story.

So, tell me what you think!

Cheers ❤


It was a late night, you stranger
You just stood there
Wounded and bleeding
And I fixed you all up

Baby I’ll be your band aid
Whenever you need me I’ll be there
Ill patch you up and fix the broken
Just stay with me

It was dinner night, at your parents
I just stood there
Awkward and shamed
And you fixed it all up

Baby you were my band aid
Whenever I need you, you’ll be there
You patch me up and fix the broken
Just stay with me

It’s rough and smooth
But it’s me and you

Baby I’ll be your band aid
Whenever you need me I’ll be there
Ill patch you up and fix the broken
Just stay with me