Famous Five Grown Up

So recently my friend gave me 3 of her famous five books in tatters. I started reading them and all those famous five, secret seven, five find outers, mallory towers etc memories came back to me. I enjoyed these books as a child and the feasts they have! OMG!

So I thought, what if the famous five had grown up? What would they be doing? Will they still have those scrumptious picnics? Will they still be solving mysteries?

So I started writing my own famous five book, all grown up.

PS. This book is purely written for entertainment and not for sale, please feel free to read and drop me your comments 🙂


Chapter One
Five Meet Up Again

“Ju! Dick! Look what I have here!” Anne cried, her laptop in hand, barging into the living room.

“What is it Anne?” Julian asked putting down the Agatha Christy book he was reading reluctantly.

“It’s an email from George” Anne said excitedly, tapping Dick on the head to grab his attention.

“She says that Uncle Quentin has invented something that I cannot quite read and is going to be presented with a medal. It says here we could join Aunt Fanny and George, if we would like come”

“Whoa!” Dick said, pausing the video game he was playing. “Good old George, what a splendid Idea, I haven’t seen her in ages”

“And how nice it is to have someone as smart as Uncle Quentin” said Julian in awe. He was trying to follow his Uncle’s footsteps and become a scientist.

“Well, it seems like we can go” Anne said rather impatiently,
“its spring holidays for all three of us and I’m sure we could arrange everything”

“Of course, let’s go talk to Mother” Julian said and the three went in search of their mother.

Mother was in the kitchen just hanging up a phone call.

“Mother, mother, we received and email from George” Anne said in glee.

“Ah yes dear, I was just on the phone with Fanny, she told me about the good news” Mother said smiling.

“So mother, are we going?” Dick asked seating on the kitchen counter, a cookie, mysteriously in his hand.

Mother frowned at him, “Well, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to come. I can’t leave your father alone to fend off for himself”

“But mother” Anne cried out in dismay. Even Julian and Dick looked troubled.

“But I guess you three could go off” Mother said smiling again. “You have gone all by yourselves before and anyway Fanny and Quentin will take care of you, well, only Fanny I guess. Quentin and his awful memory.

Anne wanted to kiss her mother.

“Yay!” she squealed and ran inside her room to start packing. Her pin straight waist length golden hair came undone from the messy bun on top of her head.
Julian grinned at his sister, she was such a dear thing and now that she had all grown up, he was constantly chasing away boys or rather threatening them.

Dick hopped off the counter.

“Let me go call George” he said, “and arrange the tickets and all” and off he went whistling to himself.

“Now Julian” said mother, “whenever the three of you meet up with Georgina, there always seems to be trouble, I trust you to make sure everyone behaves”.

Julian groaned. He took great pride in looking after his siblings and cousin in the past, but they were all grown up now, in their 20s and he doubted he had to act all bossy, though he did like acting all bossy.

“Yes Mother” he said and off he went to find Dick.

Julian was the oldest of the three siblings. He was 22 and in college. With his blonde hair and blue eyes he attracted the eye of every girl in campus.

Dick who came next was 21 years old. He was doing his degree in Business Management and unlike the other two had brown hair. He was tall and athletic looking and unlike his older brother Ju, who looked like a surfer dude, he looked dark and mysterious. But once you got to know him, you would never tire of his humor.

Anne, the youngest and 20 years old, rather hated having two over protective older brothers, even though she loved them to bits. She knew they were the reasons very few boys asked her out. Small and dainty, she was a real pretty girl.

A week later, packed and repacked in Anne’s case, Mr. Kirrin drove the three to the airport in his sleek BMW, where they said goodbyes and caught the flight to America.

“The land of the free” Dick said as they touched the foreign airport.

Anne pulled out her iPhone. “Let me call George” she said.

“Alright” Julian agreed and went to grab his and Anne’s suitcases.

My God! Girls! He thought. He loved the days when Anne needed only a change of clothes to last a week. Now she had several pink Gucci bags packed to last for several years.

Dick laughed at his brother’s expression. “Here. Let me give you a hand” he said and grabbed several of Anne’s.

“Look, Uncle Quentin” Dick said, nodding his head toward a tall man with a beard in the visitors’ area. He had huge spectacles on his nose and he seemed to be absorbed reading something.

“Fancy, him coming to pick us” Dick said.

Uncle Quentin was really a handsome man, and a very busy one.

Next to him, a small pretty woman seemed to try desperately to get his attention.

“Quentin, Quentin, they must be here” Aunt Fanny’s exasperated voice said.

And behind her holding onto the big muscular dog’s golden shiny fur was George with a huge grin on her face.

Julian hadn’t seen his cousin for nearly 5 years after the family had relocated to America. After all these years, Julian though his cousin would have grown out of her tomboyish ways, but no.

Her dark hair was cut in a bob style haircut and streaked in purple dye and she was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket.

“George!” Anne cried and flung herself on her cousin.

George hugged her back.

“Hey you’re tall” Dick said slapping his cousin on her back.

“And you look hot” she retorted.

Julian hugged her and Aunt Fanny.
Uncle Quentin was finally looking at them as if he were examining lab mice. Then he grinned and said in his booming voice “My! My, you all have grown up!”

Laughing talking and smiling everyone piled into Uncle Quentin’s SUV and off they set off.

Here we come America, the famous five are back.


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