The Ballerina


When mom decided to move to a new state, all because of her new job, I was mad. So mad I refused to talk to her for a whole week. I was going to miss all my friends, my usual hangout in the park, and specially my grandparents who were staying back.

As a sixteen year old teenage girl, my friends meant the world to me and so did my boyfriend Ted, and even though we promised to send letters, call each other and do all that long distance relationship, I just knew that we would eventually break up.

So imagine me, sitting moodily in the backseat of the car, while my little brother Jason sang happily, sitting beside my mother who was kinda tired but had this huge grin plastered across her face. Sigh! I hated life right now.

When we eventually got to the house we were supposed to live in, I had a rude shock. The place was in the middle of a jungle, literally. It had been newly painted white and the thick dark trees that surrounded it highlighted the house.

Gee! I really couldn’t wait to look at the rest of the place. Oh, please, I’m being sarcastic. Couldn’t my mom at least find a decent place for us to live?

To say I was mad by the time my mom took us on a cheerful (note I’m being sarcastic, again!) tour would be the understatement of the century. To tell you the truth, Jason was a ray of sunshine only because mom promised him that we could have a dog, and let me tell you the boy was obsessed with dogs.

To me the only redeeming thing about the house was the woods surrounding it. Being the bookworm I was, the woods offered me the promise and comfort to read a book in solitary, and it was on such an adventure readers that I came across… well; I shouldn’t spoil the surprise for you, should I? Oh, well, the next day I came across this beautiful shoe, a glove and a pearl necklace thrown as in a hurry on a branch. Let me say that again A PEARL NECKLACE!

It was sacred.

It was beautiful.

It was terrifying and of course, expensive.

I came across it when I decided I had to take a walk through the forest to get away from my too cheerful family. The trees surrounding it were so dense that it was dark and just like out of a fairy tale. I stood there enthralled by the view, as a shiver ran down my spine.

I swear to god, I’m not lying. Heart thumping I turned behind to see this beautiful being (it just couldn’t have been a girl) smiling at me. A shoe was missing from her leg and so was a glove. She was dressed up like a ballerina in a soft pink frock with her hands clasped in front of her. Her shiny blonde hair was loose and stirred in the wind around her face. (Don’t ask me from where the wind blew, because I honestly haven’t a clue). As my eyed drifted to where the necklace belonged, I was horrified to see blood seeping out of her necklace. That’s when I noticed that she wasn’t smiling anymore. Her beautiful dress was torn and and…

Adrenaline coursing through my veins, heart thumping, I turned as fast as I could and ran and ran and ran until I could run no more and then ran some more until suddenly my head exploded in pain and my world went black.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

“Jasmine, wake up, you’ve been sleeping through the day” I slowly woke up to my mother’s voice yelling at me. disoriented I woke up wondering where I was in this unfamiliar room, until I saw a flash of pink in the corner.

I turned towards it and felt my memories come rushing back.

It was a beautiful shoe, a glove and a pearl necklace sitting on top of an unopened cardboard box.


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