Book Review – Lux Series


Oh Sweet Holy Alien Babies everywhere :* what is this?
Oh yes, I’m totally addicted


Yep, that’s right, five huge stars 🙂

The plot, who would have thought aliens could do it? This is not just the typical alien falls in love with human girl and they live happily ever after, it is full of these cliffhangers, heart stopping, love struck, and drooling moments. Seriously Katy is this blog-worm 😉 who reads like tomorrow doesn’t exist and what I would not do to be her, minus all the angst of course. And she even has this hot dude Daemon doing a v-log with her, and I bet that if I did do the same that I would have tons of comments and follows despite my sucky writing.

So she falls for the alien even though he is an arrogant, irritating and totally hot dude *swoon* and sigh! You gotta read these books! I just finished reading Opal yesterday and I swear my chest hurt when Katy got trapped. I could just picture them, Daemon struggling against Matthew and Dawson and Katy so shocked and the pain and the… Jennifer has this way of sucking the reader into the book, making it all seem so real it felt like I was standing there next to them watching it all helplessly.

I would blush when Katy did, laugh when she did and cry, feel the pain she felt. I fell hopelessly in love with Daemon along with her even though sometimes I would put down the book and yell “hey you stupid girl don’t trust him, don’t do this, tell Daemon this” My mom thought I was really going nuts :p

Suffice to say I read all six books in 3 days in office, at home, staying awake and falling asleep at 6 in the morning and having to wake up again at 7. That’s how much I was wrapped up in these books. And to top it all Jennifer had put this post like several years after Opposition what would happen to Dammy and Kitten.
Yeah, I totally STALKED Jennifer and all her crew, lol 😀

All in all I enjoyed these books and given below is the goodreads link to em.

Daemon and Kitten


Dawson and Beth

And here is the special Dammy and Kitty ever after


Drop your thoughts here :) Positive or Negative, all accepted <3

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