Book Review – The Dark Elements Series

I hate love triangles. Either you love him or don’t, or maybe you love him too but just let go… So every time I pick up a book and if its a love triangle, I lose interest in the book, yeah, that was until I came across The Dark Elements series.


It’s about this half warden half demon girl who has this huuuuge crush on her childhood best-friend/warden Zayne (every time i read the name I would remember Zayne Malik) but also falls in love with this demon/really hot/super hot/freaking hot/brooding Roth, the crown prince of hell.

Obviously you know who stole my heart. Gawd! I have a thing for bad brooding boys with tattoos and dark hair and tall and all that crap. Don’t we all?

So even though this book is not just about the love triangle thingy (or maybe it is) I am obsessed with it. Sometimes I really hate Layla (the female character). Every time she looks up to Zayne, kisses him, i feel like yanking her hair.

That’s what a good book should do write? Pull you under, that’s why I had to review this book (though I’m not really sure if this is like a review)

The best part is Jennifer (the author) has this quiz so that we could vote who Layla should end up with. Zayne or Roth? According to me I think there is no competition, she would definitely end up with Roth, hope my heart doesn’t break when the third installment proves me wrong, and hell! The third book comes out in 2015. FREAKING 2015! aww, gawd, how can I wait that long?

Have you guys noticed? when it comes to the Vampire diaries Damon is wildly liked, I could tell you so many examples, so why do girls like the bad boys? I think that maybe its because a bad boy doesn’t truly fall in love, and when he does, its forever! am i right?

So yeah, I guess a good review should discuss the pros and cons of the book, but that’s okay.

I would rate the series a


well because like I told you before, I hate love triangles and old habits die hard 😉 I would really recommend this books to anyone who wants to cry and laugh, grin like your gone wonky and be obsessed with it.

Happy reading 🙂 🙂

1. White Hot Kiss
2. Stone Cold Touch
3. Every Last Breath


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