Book Review – Belador Series


I have never ever loved a female character, like I loved EVALLE πŸ™‚

Okay, maybe ‘Nancy Drew’ when I was young and ‘Parks’ from ‘Deeds of Parksenerion’ but all the hormones and stuff, compared to the guys in books the girls rarely capture my attention, but O M G, I absolutely loved this book.

Its a paranormal fantasy where various beings with super powers are under an organization called VIPER and they have to fight the bad guys namely the demons, trolls and dark magic witches.

Every species of beings have a pantheon with a god or goddess and the Beladors are basically the good guys, the rulers, the famous ones. So enter E. Valerie Kincaid (I so badly want to know what the ‘E’ stands for) is part Belador and part Unknown, aka Alterant.

The story begins with Evalle captured with a Maistir (the leader of the north american beladors) Tzader Burke (the totally bad guy looking good guy, who I thought would be Evalle’s love later on) and Vladimir Quinn (another powerful Belador). In order to escape the Medb witches who have captured them, Evalle has to expose her secret, SHIFT TO AN ALTERANT which if anyone finds out about will end in her being locked up.

Two years later she is best friends with Tzader and Quinn (who act like overprotective big brothers), desperately tries to fit in with all the other beings and constantly in danger due to her origins. Enter in Isak Nyght, the bad ass human who wants to kill all non-humans specially Alterants and who shows a special interest in Evalle and Storm the mysterious skinwalker sent by Sen the VIPER head who hates Evalle with a vengeance to find something to cage Evalle and you have a love triangle. But Evalle knows just like I did that Storm is the one.
But she does have this annoying moments when she kisses Isak and I have to scream at her to leave him alone and stay with Isak.

So begins the adventures of Evalle in her quest to find freedom for herself and her kindred the Alterants. In her struggle between love and loyalty. In her fight to find her origin and be recognized as beings instead of considered as beasts.

This is a book about Wars, Magic, Loyalty, Betrayal, Love and so much more. I would recommend this book to all and everyone of the fantasy lovers.

1. Even though it was necessary to have the books in multiple third person views, I still hated it. I wanted them all to be about Evalle, call me loser πŸ˜‰
2. The book would get slow sometimes, I don’t know why! sigh! (hey I rhymed :p)
3. I absolutely adored the gargoyle Feenix that Evalle has a pet, the cute little thing.
4. I loved the mysterious Storm, is that his real name?
5. I think that maybe the VIPER head Sen hates Evalle so much because he know her orgins and I secretly think that he is Evalle’s father.
6. I love the fact that Tzader and Quinn have their own love lives
7. I sooo wish Isak would go find himself another gf.
8. I could go on the whole day ya know.

I totally rate this book


currently I’m reading the fourth book ‘Rise of the Grypon’. As much as I love the series I cant wait for it to end and find out what happens in the end πŸ™‚

Happy reading everyone πŸ™‚


Drop your thoughts here :) Positive or Negative, all accepted <3

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