Book Review – Rise of the Gryphon

Book – Rise of the Gryphon
Author – Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
Series – Belador
Rating – 4 Stars


Black hair, green eyes, totally bad ass, rides a gold Suzuki GSX-R, her pet? A 2 feet, fire breathing gargoyle and she sets her mind on something – she DOES IT!

Thats E. Valerie Kincaid. (Evalle) for ya 🙂

0-Evalle Kincaid

***”Evalle stood in the middle of the room, looking up, down and around. “Helloooo. Thought queenie was looking for me.”

“Calm down, Flaevynn. Evalle wants ta get a rise from ya so you’ll come face her.”

“You’re sure we need her?”

He smiled at the edge in her voice. Flaevynn would not get her way with this. “If ya kill her ya might as well start celebratin’ your last birthday now.”

“Yo, mama,” Evalle yelled. “Listen up. I’m no one’s bitch and I don’t give a rat’s ass about your test. You screw with me, you’ll bleed.”***

Ha ha ha 😀 Totally badass right? That’s what I loved the most in this series. Evalle and her deadly skills and her attitude. I could not help liking her, and once again, she has to prove she is loyal to the beladors, fight for the freedom of the alterants and has some steamy moments with Storm. “thumbs up” for her, she is the only girl I have read about who straight forwardly said to Isak (who has a interest in her) that she is with someone else. Just like that! No going around the bush 🙂

And this book deserves four stars only for Evalle. I just couldn’t feel the emotions of the other characters and other than the Evalle moments I didn’t have this mad rush in me to start yelling at the characters (which I often do). I finished reading it yesterday and sad to say, it got boring to me because the plot just gets dragged on. But Evalle is worth the book, and I recommend anyone who wants to meet this “Hellion” in Storms words.

Btw, in my last review I had said that “Sen” the head of VIPER (an organization of non-humans to protect the humans) might be Evalle’s father. But finally Evalle’s origins is revealed (thank heavens) and I think that maybe Sen is not a bad guy. You know like the guy portrayed as the bad guy is actually the good guy thing 🙂

Yeah, I know, only ones who have read the books would understand what I am talking about so for all you guys I have added the goodreads blurb below 🙂

But remember for everyone the book would be different so give it a try and

Happy Reading 🙂


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