Fictional Crush Friday!

Yeah, I know it’s not Friday today, but Nicole @ had this amazing idea where we get to post our fictional crush for that week and well she has made it kinda like a club, so you could join us too.

Fictional Crush Friday – Club
The Rules:
1. Put the picture thingie.
2. Mention Nicole on your post as the creator of the club or something like that



So my crush for last week was

Name: Cabe “Hawk” Delgado

From the book: Mystery Man from the Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley

Appearance: Has black short cropped hair, black eyes, fit and gorgeous body, tall and one hot specimen, lets not forget the tattoos :p

Character: He is arrogant, bossy, protective, straight talker, caring and delicious 😉 Loves to wear cargo pants and has a super cool liar.

Why I like him: Reading the book I loved how he behaved with Gwen, how he straight talked, how very protective he is and in short I would just repeat that I loved the way the man was described. I drooled over him and I couldn’t put the book down because he was that cool 😉 The book is kinda like for older people but it was a refreshing read 🙂 picture if Hawk given below, no worries, you can drool all you want, lol 😉 :p



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