Mia grabbed her school bag, grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen and trudged to the boy waiting outside.

“Good Morning Justin” she greeted her bestfriend, her face breaking into a huge smile, just like how the sun would break through the clouds in the morning.

“Mornin’ baby” Justin replied and pushed himself from the passenger side of his car, he was leaning on. He walked towards Mia and tucked a stray blonde hair behind her ear and then bent down to brush his lips on her forehead.

Mia’s heart thumped like a disco drum and her breath quickened. Justin was not her boyfriend, he was just being friendly, she chanted in her head even when her stomach did funny things. She gripped her school bag and smiled at Justin and then kept on grinning as Justin ushered her into his jeep.

To Mia, Justin was her world from the day he rescued her from a bunch of bullies at school. To him maybe she was the helpless girl, who later became her bestfriend, but to Mia, he was always a knight in shining amour or in Justin’s case, shining boots. She honestly didn’t know, how to behave around him.

Mia being the bookworm and daydreamer she was fancied the day he would ask her out, ask her to be his girlfriend and then they would have a fairytale wedding and then the happy ever after. But Justin as kind as he was, was one of the popular handsome guys in school and she didn’t stand a chance. The worst thing was whenever Justin would invite her to his parties or hangouts, being the insecure person she was, she would deny him.

So she was very surprised when she found Justin’s hand on hers holding it tight that morning, and although he would kiss her forehead, tuck her hair and would pick her up every day for school he had never held her hand ever.

Startled she turned to the beautiful brown haired boy with midnight black eyes. He was looking at their joined hands.

“Justin___?” she asked softly but he interrupted her.

“You’re like a fortress Mia, a damn fortress. Every time I try getting close to you, you pull down the shutters and lock the gates. You never let me in baby, and I want to be with you, explore you, and find you.” He dragged a deep breath and continued as Mia sat rock still, shock, astonishment, wonder and delight racing through her.

“So would you open those damn doors for me baby? Will you let me in? Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked lifting his eyes to her face.

She barely noticed that the jeep was parked in the road, she didn’t mind that they would be getting late for school. All she could do was stare at Justin, the boy she had fallen in love with since middle school. The boy she had yearned would ask her to be his girlfriend and did this mean… did this mean that he had wanted to be his girlfriend? Did this mean that it was only her insecurity that had blinded her from seeing Justin’s feeling towards her?

“Baby?” Justin said pushing a finger under her chin.

“You… you want me to be your g… girlfriend?”


“How long?”

“Forever, from the day I first saw you.”

“And you never told me till now?”

“Baby you have to be blind not to see the way I feel about you”

Mia threw herself into his arms, even with the seatbelt pulling her back and limited space inside the vehicle.

“Oh my God!” she shrieked and Justin gave a nervous relieved chuckle.

The jeep started again, and Mia and Justin held hands again, but this time Justin was not just Mia”s bestfriend, he was her boyfriend.


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