The Lady Photographer


Jenny stood still, the camera in her hand slipping and saved by the strap around her slender neck.

“What is that?” she asked in awe, her eyes not leaving the sight in front of her.

The guy shrugged. He was a native to the forest.

“We see all time.” He explained slowly, trying to find the right words to explain the phenomenal in front of them, in his rough accent to the lady photographer, as he called her.

Jenny was awed.

“All the time! All the time…” Jenny shouted, her voice bordering on hysteria.

The guide laughed a rough sound. Jenny found it scarily in harmony with the forest surrounding them.

She wanted to touch that… that thing… the roots that curved themselves into archways. One moment it was just a normal tree in a normal rain forest, where she had come to take pictures of wildlife and the next instant, roots had sprung out of the earth, through the foliage and twisted themselves into the trees to create… archways?! It was magical, and…

Jenny wasn’t scared the least bit. She had ventured this far, this many years alone, and she had never felt scared. Only excitement and adrenaline coursed through her.

Gingerly, Jenny stepped forward to touch the archway.

The guide, shouted something incomprehensible and lunged towards Jenny. But it was too late. Not a murmur of wind, not a change in the air, not the slightest hint to what was to happen.

Jenny touched the archway and in that instant she literally vanished into thin air.

The guide was left to stand gaping at the now normal forest. Even though the vanishing happened every time the archways appeared and something touched them, he was still left shocked and wondering the fate of his lady photographer.


12 thoughts on “The Lady Photographer

  1. What a captivating little story. I wonder what happened to the lady photographer! You wrote that scene to life. Very easy to picture. Thanks for contributing, Rachael. By the way, your blog banner/header is gorgeous.

    – Ermisenda

  2. A lovely, mystical story, Rachael, which you have built up really well with an intriguing main character. Her disappearance at the end is great, leaving us with the whys, wheres and hows to ponder upon.

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