The Choice


Adele stood, her hourglass figure draped in a golden gown, her hair in carefully fashioned curls, her feet in the expensive shoes her boyfriend had brought for her.

Nick, her pigheaded lawyer boyfriend would be here anytime now. They were to go to one of the expensive restaurants he always took her to and be shown off as if she were an object. She would have to endure the night, watching him laugh, smile and talk about the greatness that he was and how successful his last case was. Adele had, had enough of him.

Adeleโ€™s thoughts turned toโ€ฆ No! She would not think of him. She would not think of Logan, who made her heart race, her hands sweat, who brought a smile to her face and made her forget the world.

Pulling in a deep breath, Adele thought it was high time she came to a decision. Choose between Nick and Logan.

Pulling off the designer shoes, she felt the softness of the carpet beneath her feet as she walked towards the kitchen.

Nick could go screw himself, today she was going to spend the evening with Logan. Tomorrow Nick could take her out on a date if he wished.

Aimed with a cup of hot chocolate, Adele walked to her comfy couch, pulled an afghan over her legs and turned to the page she had ear-marked.

Oh Logan, go tell Sarah that you love her, you gorgeous idiot!


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