Fictional Crush Friday


I owe a big apology to Nicole for disappearing from FCFC. Nicole is an awesome book reviewer and also the one to start the Fictional Crush Friday Club. You too can join in by writing about your swoon worthy crush every Friday.

Although it’s Sunday I wish to make my crush for this week known.

Fictional Crush Friday – Club
The Rules:
1. Put the picture thingie.
2. Mention Nicole on your post as the creator of the club or something like that

So my crush for today is
Name: Jared

From the book: Here be sexist vampires by Suzanne Wright

Appearance: Hazel eyes, short hair but not too short, tall and gorgeous 😉

Character: a shipful of ego and arrogance, a swollen head.

Why I like him: Jared is a High Master Vampire, too sexy for words. He is constantly riling up Sam (our heroine) and I just love the banter between them. He also is patient when he wants to be, sweet and he does funny things (they were funny to me) in order to pursue Sam. Jared is also a heir to the vampire lord and well he does have a swollen head, but all that ego, pride and arrogance can be compensated when he turns on his charming side. If Jared was only a real life person, trust me, Sam would have trouble, in fact she already does 😉

Pic of Jared below. Now let me leave you in peace to swoon and drool :p



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