Chloe sucked the sticky dough on her fingers.

“What’s special today, Mommy?” she asked her mother, who was baking cookies. Chloe’s mother smiled down at the adorable four year old, gaps between teeth, dressed in a pink frock, sitting on the kitchen counter covered in the sweet dough.

“Today is valentine baby” Mom told her. Mother was glowing today, she had put on a pretty summer dress that Chloe liked and the long locks of blonde hair that Chloe loved to run her fingers through, hung below mother’s shoulders.

Chloe loved seeing her mother smile and mother smiled every time she looked at Chloe or daddy.

“What is vuh lan tin, mommy?”

Mother smiled again. “It’s a day people tell each other they love them sweetheart” mom said glazing the cookies with chocolate cream.

“do you love me?” Chloe questioned scrunching her baby face.

Mother scooped Chloe up in her hands and kissed her baby girl on the tip of her nose. “Of course baby girl, I love you”

“I love you too mommy”Chloe said her face luminous with happiness.

“How about we make some more cookies” mom said and mother and daughter attacked the dough, laughing, spilling and eating the dough and chocolate cream.


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