The Dragon Egg


Alden held the cold hard thing in his trembling hands and stared at his older brother Saxon.

“its a dragon egg, Sax” the eight year old said, excitement coloring his features. Sax looked at his baby brother and then at the stone/egg in his hand.

“That’s… there is no such thing called dragons Alden” Saxon said not wanting to break the poor boy’s heart.

“No, you don’t understand, it glowed and it called to me, maybe I’m a dragon rider” Alden said cradling the stone in his arms.

Saxon huffed, “little brother, just give it to me, it is just a stone” he said and grabbed for it.

Too late for Alden to step back, Saxon took hold of it not expecting the stone to be bitingly cold. He dropped it with a gasp and the stone cracked.

Alden let out a horrified cry and knelt down beside the cracked ‘dragon egg’ tears pouring down his cheeks.

“You killed the dragon baby” he accused Saxon, who stood shell shocked.

Alden looked at what Saxon was staring at so horrified.

“No” Saxon whimpered.

Maybe the baby dragon was alive after all, Alden thought.

He looked down at the broken stone, just as his brother erupted into laughter.



4 thoughts on “The Dragon Egg

  1. Aw, so mean! I was hoping it was a legit dragon egg. 😀 Great tale that tricked both the character and the reader! Thanks for sharing, Suganiya. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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