Fictional Crush Friday!

Hurray, today it’s a bright Wednesday here in Srilanka, and I’m gonna introduce you guys my crush for this Friday, courtesy of Nicole @


Fictional Crush Friday – Club
The Rules:
1. Put the picture thingie.
2. Mention Nicole on your post as the creator of the club or something like that

My Crush for this week
Name: Jackson Hunt

From the book: Finding it (Losing it 3) by Cora Carmack

Appearance: Muscled, olive-toned skin, dark eyes, and hair cut close to the head possessing the military look.

Character: Kind, funny, insightful, thoughtful and impulsive.

Why I like him: Jackson is in one word a perfect guy. (I know I say this about all the guys :D) but seriously he helps Kelsey (The female character) find herself. I loved the fact that he let Kelsey do her thing even though he liked her, not hindering her way of finding her big bang. But then he gently guided her, he would do the most romantic things, he was so playful lifting up Kelsey’s moods and even though he had a dark and sad past he did not let it overshadow his relationship with Kelsey. This book was in fact Kelsey overcoming her dark past and Jackson helping her along.

And he can draw! I loved it when he wrote those zillion letters to Kelsey after Kelsey broke up with him. Wow! Now who does that

PS. There is a 2nd book with his POV that I’m currently breathing in :p

this is how i picture Jackson


A relaxing Week to you Bloggers!


Drop your thoughts here :) Positive or Negative, all accepted <3

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