My Ten Favorite Book Couples of all Time – Part 1

**NOTE** This is not my ten favorite book characters of all time.

So Tuesday was a holiday and I finished reading a book after a pause period of three months. See, I always prided myself as a person who would finish reading a book per day. But college and work and I haven’t even touched a book in three months or blogged like I used too. I even haven’t had the time to read through the posts of you wonderful people and after I finished the book I thought, hey why not share something about myself.

So I’ve compiled a list of my ten most favorite couple. Hope you enjoy this post.


No. 1


Sherlock and John

Sherlock Holmes Series

Arthur Conan Doyle

Why I like them:
Even though they aren’t a romantically involved couple, Sherlock Holmes and John would always hold a special place in my heart. I’m sure each and everyone of you have read at least a single story in your lives and liked that brilliant mind of Sherlock. Watching the TV series was entertaining too. I loved how Mrs. Hudson thought that Sherlock and Watson were a romantically involved couple. Sir Doyle did a perfection by putting them together. Sherlock did need a Watson to ground him, show him a little humanity.


No. 2


Bones and Cat

Night Huntress Series

Jeaniene Frost

Why I like them:
Most often when it comes to a couple’s love life in books one thing is for sure. At one point they break up and after some heartache make up. Well Crispin (Bones) and Catherine (Cat) had their fights and breakups, but they stuck to each other. Both faithful. I didn’t see Cat running up to another man after every break up with Bones, in fact she thwarted any such unwanted attention. A vampire and a half-vampire both did love better than humans. I loved their love and they are a couple I will remember always.


No. 3


Curran and Kate

Kate Daniels Series

Ilona Andrews

Why I like them:
They didn’t start of by falling immediately in love, in fact Curran and Kate were enemies. But then each book developed the characters a little more. The book wasn’t one of break ups and make ups. They were a step that brought Curran and Kate closer together until the werewolf and human ended up being married. What I really liked about Curran is even though he was protective of Kate he didn’t smother her, and never for a moment did I doubt their love for each other. Both are strong characters who realized their flaws and well, that is just so beautiful.


No. 4


Daemon and Katy

Lux Series

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Why I like them:
I think I have read every single book of Jennifer’s. She does have her way with books that captivates me. An alien and a human falling for each other that’s awesome? Anyway the love is good. It starts of in a cliche way where Daemon is the hot, rude boy next door and Kate is attracted to him. But hey it is intended for teenagers and we moon over that stuff. But as the plot began to progress the sacrifices the couple make for each other is sweet and well “Love”. The plot takes them through so much pain and torture in the literal sense. I loved how they matured. I think theirs is a love that would last forever and thank god no love triangles.

to be continued….


8 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Book Couples of all Time – Part 1

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  2. I LOVE Jenny! Well . . . I’ve never read her romances, but I’ve read her takedown of 50 Shades of Grey and that is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. Plus she occasionally posts excerpts on her blogs, and, well, the woman’s a damn good writer.

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