My Ten Favorite Book Couples of all Time – Part 2

Hello, so this is Part 2 of My Ten Favorite Book Couples of all Time and you can read Part 1 here.

**EXCITING NEWS** I’ve created a poll at the end of this post so you could vote for your most favorite couple and then maybe you would write your own post about your ten favorite book couples. (Hope that’s exciting news)

Now without further ado, let me continue…

No. 5


Drogo and Daenerys

A Song of Ice and Fire Series

George R. R. Martin

Why I like them:
Dany is just thirteen and a frightened, scared little girl. Drogo is the fiercest warrior of his clan of fierce warriors. Sold as a bribe by her own brother Dany taught Drogo gentleness and love. I loved how the characters evolved here, again. Dany knew to push the right buttons. She was patient with her husband and was rewarded, but like all stories of  true love it ends sadly. Drogo and Dany’s time was short. Even though it brought tears to my eyes I thoroughly enjoyed it.


No. 6


Oliver and Jennifer

Love story

Eric Segal

Why I like them:
I read this a very long time ago and hunted for the second book “Oliver’s Story” everywhere I could, but sadly I still haven’t read it. Love story was kinda like the first romance book I read. We had to do it for Eng. Lit and like everyone who read the book I fell in love with the couple. I especially loved the scene where Ollie and Jen have a fight and the way they make.

Oliver is a rich kid with the brains for it, Jen not to be seconded in the education Dept. is a music major. The sarcastic witty female and the I’m-all-man male fall for each other and the villain is Oliver’s father who has high hopes for him. But they are dashed when Oliver falls for the baker’s daughter and teaching us a lesson on how we must value the things we have it breaks our hearts and the tale ends. A very good book to read after a break up snuggled under blankets :p


No. 7


Edward and Bella

Twilight Series

Stephanie Meyer

Why I like them:

Hey don’t look at me like that! I’m sure you guys loved Edward and Bella a one point before the comments of glittering vampires and spineless heroines came out. I had to save my lunch money for 3 months to buy all four books and it was worth it. I still have them safely on my shelf. So forget all your sarcastic comments and admit that when Bella first met Edward a chill ran down your spine. When he went to sacrifice himself a tear dropped down your cheek. When Jacob popped up you all pined for Edward and when they finally had the baby, you just kept clapping your hands and grinning like a fool.

Yes I loved the self sacrifice in their love, I loved how they acted mature (Okay Edward is really old so I guess it’s only right he acts mature). They didn’t have silly fights and Even though Edward realized how Bella felt about Jacob and was jealous he acted really mature. Come on, tell me a guy who does that. And they had a happy ending 🙂


No. 8


Landon and Jamie

A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks

Why I like them:

It was supposed to be a study session at my bestie’s place for the mid term exams. Instead we watched Landon paste a tattoo on Jamie’s shoulder, take her on date’s, learn to dance, buy Jamie a sweater and at the end of it all we cried buckets. Landon and Jamie had a very innocent love, that first love that we all remember. The bad boy falls for the girl he never ever imagined to fall for, protects her, buys her love and fulfills her wishes. Oh! What I wouldn’t do to have a guy like Landon. Years later I keep re-reading the book and it never gets old. It was the beginning to my obsession of reading Nicholas Sparks. Oh Jame, why did you have to die!


No. 9


Wes and Kiersten


Rachel Van Dyken

Why I like them:

He has an eight pack, he is rich, he is handsome, he sprouts out some really good advice, he has a good heart and he has cancer. Kiersten meets the arrogant football player at college only find out he is as sweet as honey. The story is about how Kiersten handles her demons, Wes’ cancer and how the love never fades. Yeah, yeah and a million yeah, it has a happy ending 🙂 I know, when I said cancer you all thought he was gonna die. I read the books so anxiously I wanted to buy a plane ticket and punch Rachel Van Dyken if she had killed off Wes. But now I just want to lay at her feet and serve her forever. They have the most heart wrenching wedding in the hospital where Wes was treated for his cancer at the end ❤ ❤ ❤ What I liked the most about the couple was Wes’ desire to hang on to life for Kiersten. Please, please I’m begging you to read the book. It was an emotional roller-coaster.


No. 10


Drake and Mia

Illegal My Ass


Why I like them:

I’m not sure if this is a published book but during my time at Wattpad I came across this book. The title kind of put me off but a friend recommended that it was a really nice book. True to it, the book was everything I wanted to read in that period of time and so much more. I especially loved the way Drake proposes to Mia. So no, I’m not gonna say anything except that if you like a bad bad boy who is fun and a girl to match his attitude you should go for this book.


Okay now poll time! Vote for your favorite couple now!!!


5 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Book Couples of all Time – Part 2

    • Truth be told I have read only 4 books from Harry Potter but a friend of mine said the same thing. I’m so sorry that I didn’t include them, but you could always put them on your top ten favorite book couples 🙂 ❤

      • It’s okay, It’s your favourite couples not mine. It was actually kind of refreshing not seeing them there. The only other book I have read on your list was twilight. I actually prefer Alice and Jasper as a couple in that, they are the perfect couple in my opinion.

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