This picture inspired me to continue the short story I wrote for Picture it and Write “The Fourth Ring


Tuan sat in the house they occupied in the magical city of Dianthus with his mother and father waiting for his older sister Talia.

After purchasing the magical rings that allowed them to enter the city six years ago, his mother had been nursed back to health, father had gotten a job and Talia and Tuan started lessons at the Academy for the Common Folk. When Talia graduated a year ago from the academy she had been given the position of guard for the High Magician.

To Tuan, today was a special day. It was his birthday and Talia had promised to get him something special. Tuan couldn’t sit still on the mat he shared with his parents. Excitement bubbled inside him. He wondered what Talia would give him.

As he heard footsteps crunching outside, he bolted up and ran to the door, opening and knocking himself on Talia. The stern expression on Talia’s face softened and she caught her little brother.

“Where is it? What is it?” he asked eagerly. Lifting the cage she held in a hand, Talia handed it over to her brother. A yellow bird chirped from inside.

“For me?” Tuan squeaked in wonder and when Talia nodded he took the cage with the bird outside.

Mimi and Tuan were inseparable from that day onward.

His favorite pastime was setting Mimi free and letting it fly behind him and imagining himself a knight and the bird, the dragon that he flew on.


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