The Magic Portion

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So this picture inspired me to continue another short story I wrote for “Picture it and Write” titled the “The Lady Photographer“. This is because it was the story that bought me fame and well I’m sure those who read it are wondering about Jenny’s fate. I guess you would have to read the first one to understand the story better and if its much trouble, I’m truly sorry.

So, here we go…


A shiver ran down her spine and her hands trembled, but Jenny could not take away her eyes from the sight in front of her. Things were turning out so wrong but along with the fear, her excitement bloomed too.

She was in a orchard of some sorts. These fruits were not found on earth. Was she even on earth? As soon as she had touched those archways she had felt her body dissolve like smoke and then she had appeared in this strange garden. She felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland, but instead of the rabbit hole it was a tree that had brought her here.

What did Alice feel when she was at the bottom of that rabbit hole. Maybe the story of Alice was real. Maybe Alice really existed and really fell down the rabbit hole and yeah maybe she was going crazy.

Too top all crazies, a fruit suddenly fell from a nearby tree and shaped itself into a… a teacup?!

Jenny took a step back, and then another and as an object thudded against her chest she looked down to realize her camera had survived the journey. The fear was replaced by curiosity. She wanted to take a picture of the orchard. At the strange fruit teacup still floating towards her.

Slowly her hands inched towards her camera.

“Those things don’t work down here” a musical voice called out.

Jenny jerked, heart thundering and whirled around looking for the owner of the voice. She could see no one. Was it the tree that spoke or the teacup fruit that hovered near her. It seemed that anything was possible in this place.

“You have a choice” the voice continued. “Everyone who comes here has a choice, you can either drink from the source in front of you and return to your mortal world or you can stay here to explore the wonders of the place you are in right now”

Jenny still couldn’t find who this beautiful voice belonged too. It had to be a tree, yes, trees could have beautiful voices and what the hell was this place anyway.

“Choose wisely and choose quickly” the the voice whispered.

Oh what the hell, she was crazy anyway dreaming of strange fruits, teacups and alluring male voices. Maybe when she had tried to touch those archways she had slipped and hit her head and fallen unconscious, or maybe the archways themselves had been a dream.

Of course this had to be a dream and if it was a dream, she could dream about this strange place a little more, couldn’t she? And so, Jenny made her choice.


3 thoughts on “The Magic Portion

  1. A nice, magical little story, Suganiya. I like the comparison to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, too. Funny thing is… I’ve never seen fruits like that in shops around here! Haha. I wonder if it is all just a dream… 😀

      • Hi Suganiya. I really liked your story. 🙂 I’ve written out the award post now and just need to find some nominees. I’ve linked it with another award – the same one, in fact, but with a different logo.

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