Why Hollywood Rules!

Recently I felt like watching a Kollywood movie and a friend lent me one.

As someone who loves stories be it visual or written I have enjoyed a number of Kollywood movies in my childhood. But after my introduction with Hollywood movies and dramas my interest waned away. Watching this movie was an effort to re-kindle it.

While watching the movie, several things prodded my mind. Even though the plot line was good at times I was like “Meh” and most of the times I was rolling my eyes. Why?

  • Bad acting. One really really annoying thing about Kollywood is the bad acting or rather the over acting. Take a fight for example. While not entirely realistic in Hollywood movies, the fight can be looked upon as real. While in Kollywood the villains go flying and the hero has super strength to save the heroine. I mean come-on, it’s not even a superhero movie.


  • Plot for actor not actor for plot. It also frustrates me that so called actors don’t adapt to their plots. Rather the plot is adapted for them. Is that even acting?
  • Plot line errors. So in this movie, everybody is turning into a zombie and the decease transmits through bite, blood and saliva. After some eye-rolling through the plot line, the guys turns into a zombie but has to save the girl. She cuts herself, he with difficulty controls himself but sneaks in a lick and hey, guess what she didn’t turn into a zombie.


  • Cinematography. Have you noticed that songs have better cinematography than the plot in Kollywood? I think the creativity that cinematographers introduce in songs can be carried out into the plot scenes as well. What we should learn from Hollywood movies is not just ideas for stories but their technical efforts as well.
  • Romance. Action, horror or comedy one thing in common in all Kollywood movies is the romance. Sometimes it dominates the movie so completely, you sometimes get confused what genre it is. I think unless it is a romance story, romance should not dominate. It could be a side story. A movie doesn’t necessarily have to have a romance.
  • Bad song timing. Songs are not necessarily a bad thing. Even though you don’t see songs popping up out of nowhere while the hero and heroine dance away in dreamland in Hollywood movies I don’t mind it. Except for the fact that I can predict it. There is an entrance song for the hero and then when the hero and heroine meet for the first time and then of course when love is requited. It is like an annoying commercial at times.


That’s the bad side. I have a few more but I have a feeling Im going on and on. The good side is the stories always have a moral. Pollution, Corrupted politics are some. I would enjoy kollywood more if directors would self-evaluate what they are doing wrong and produce better movies.


4 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Rules!

  1. I loved that last GIF. So cool. Pardon my saying this but the bad song timing makes the film awesome. Of course I don’t understand the language so I don’t know what is going on. I usually watch Kollywood films in my favourite Indian restaurant. Fun times. I hope you get behind the camera soon. You will handle those divas like a boss.

    • Thank you 🙂 haha, like I watch korean series. I enjoy the songs too, but its cliche at worst. But thank you again for your opinion. Love hearing views and feel free any time to rebut me 🙂

      • You’re welcome. It was an entertaining post and I like hearing people’s opinion on their own country’s entertainment industry. It’s interesting how the “negative points” you mentioned were used in commercials in the US a few years ago. I don’t remember the products but they really played that up. Fun stuff.

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