Review on Sarah J Maas


What was it like? To love?

It was like dying a little everyday. It was like being alive too. It was joy so complete it was pain. It destroyed me and unmade me and forged me. I hated it because I knew I couldn’t escape it, and knew it would forever change me. It was the most powerful thing I ever felt, greater than rage, than lust, than magic.  

-Sorren to Manon-

I can remember the first time that I read Throne of glass and I was supporting Chaol involuntarily. That first time Dorian and Celaena kissed after the Yulemas ball I was literally screaming at Celaena to not betray Chaol. But now reading it a second time after finishing the fourth book I’m just a mere observer. I know both of them aren’t going to last and that Rowan is waiting in the end.

For those who read my review on Throne of Glass you know I came across the series while reading another. I wasn’t sure about reading the book at first and I picked it up with sceptism.

But a story about an assassin…! It sure caught my interest. But then somewhere in the middle I began feeling “oh no, not another love triangle”. With joy I can say now that I was wrong in my opinion. Though the first and second book (to me) focuses more on Celaena and her lovelife, the addition of Manon the witch and Aeidon and the others makes the story so so good. Like Celaena who budded from an assassin to a true heroin so did the book from merely good to fantastic. With longing I await the next book.

That being said, now that I discovered a gem such as Sarah J Maas I picked up another of her Series “A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACoTaR)”. Again those of you who have read my review about it (I hope I put it up on the blog) didn’t reach up to my expectations. I was holding the book to the Throne of Glass series standards. Again and again it punched me how much the story resembled that of Beauty and the Beast. So cliche!!!

And then halfway, at the mention of Rhysand I knew “another TRIANGLE”! I almost gave up. Almost. But leaving a book unfinished doesn’t sit well on me so I finished it. It wasn’t horrible, the book. It was just that it didn’t reach my expectations. I mean the story flowed smoothly. New ideas were imbedded. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it if it were not for my high hopes.

But Ms. Maas does this thing called “I’ll make you eat your words” and so I did.


Sarah J Maas

I follow a lot of bookworms on my instagram profile. A post here and there and I decided to read “ACoMaF” coz c-mon, ACoTaR ended with a huge huge cliffhanger. Even though I sort of guessed it. Truth be told the book was amazing. And then I noticed a few things, maybe mistakes Maas repeated from Throne of Glass.

Before I begin I would like to say that I would love to see the Throne of Glass series be made into movies or even a TV series as exactly as it is in the books. I hear there are some plans already. Yay!! 😍

Some moments that I would love to see as exactly as I have imagined in my head are

1. Celaena losing herself in Endovier that day.

2. Celaena and Chaol first meeting.

3. Celaena and Dorian first meeting.

4. Celaena as she saves Nox in the Champion tests.

5. Celaena’s fight with Cain and Chaol helping her. More specifically their hands trying to meet in the border of that white line.

6. Rowan seeing Celaena for the first time.

7. The moment he carries her from the bonfire as she burns herself.

8. Him seeing the scars on her back for the first time.

9. Manon seeing Abroxes for the first time and getting him to listen to her.

10. Celaena and Aedion meeting.

11. Celaena and Aedion as little kids, stirring trouble.

12. Abroxes smelling followers and covering Elide with his wings.

13. Celaena jumping on Rowan as he arrives in Rifthold.

14. Celaena threatening Maeve and burning Doronalle.

15. Celaena fighting those 3 Valg princes.

16. Celaena rescuing Aedion, saving Dorian, burning the glasa castle to a wall.

17. Celaena and Manon meeting, fighting and the rescue.

18. Rowan and Aedion setting the Clock tower on fire.

19. Lysandra blocking saving everyone.

20. Lysandra being offered a territory.

And many more but I’ll stop right there 😉

Getting back on track 🙂

1. Lovelife.

The first anyone notices perhaps. In ACoMaF I loved it that Feyre ended up with… Spoiler! Rhys. I could understand the reasons Maas gave. It was legitimate and I knew Feyre just didn’t switch people coz she felt like it or because Rhys was her mate. But afterwards Tamlin somehow ends up being the bad guy. That irked me. You know why! Coz the same thing happens in Throne of Glass. As soon as Celaena finds Rowan, Chaol who was warm and good and brave until then is portrayed as spoilt and weak. That irked me. We all know Mass that both Celaena and Feyre ended up with the ones they were supposed to but you don’t have to make the other guys look bad. Maybe it was a case of “love makes everything look nice and once it fades you notice the mistakes”

2. Age

It bothers me that the characters in the Throne of Glass series hold high positions despite their age. Maybe thats because Maas intends the book for younger readers. But imagining a 22 year old as the captain of the kings guard or a 24 year old, his general sounds far fetched. I mean King Havilliard is a tough ruthless guy. Surely he would go for experienced and seasoned warriors than those without experience. Remember Chaol feeling so bad after he killed Cain. A captain of the kings guard and that was his first kill? True he is just captain over the guards but still… And Ress the guy who guards Calaena when she lives in the castle as the king’s champion is just 18!

Tiny Tidbits 😉

Sarah J Maas prefers them

1. Fae
2. Tattooed
3. Names starting with R
4. Wings

So the next SJM series if at least a few of these things don’t click in, I know for sure he wasn’t the one meant to be

SJM also likes the smell of jasmine

1. Rhysand’s place smells like jasmine

2. Aelin’s shampoo smells like jasmine.


Drop your thoughts here :) Positive or Negative, all accepted <3

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