Book Giveaways are Awesome


We all know how amazing the Throne of Glass series is and all the hype about the new book that is out – Empire of Storm. So I live in this amazing corner of the earth but one thing I always regret about living here is that I can’t buy my favourite books at the bookstore and will always have to order online. So I began getting e-books cebause they are cheaper and easier although I do miss the feel of books. Then I posted a picture of the ebook on my instagram profile and this bookworm from India saw the post and we did a bit of chatting of the woes of ordering online (coz she had the same book problems as I) and two days later she had tagged me for the Empire of Storms book giveaway. So you know why I think book giveaways would be awesome. Not only could I win a book, better I could win a signed copy.

Buts that’s not the only amazing thing about book giveaways.

Giveaways bring bookworms together.

Yup that’s right. We bookworms are generous creatures but at the same time hoarders. I mean I would never part with my books for the world. During disasters the first book I would run to save would be my books (maybe my dog, which is if I had a dog) but if I had two books of the same I would give it away to another passionate reader for free. That’s what book giveaways are and this is a great way of meeting new, equally enthusiastic book worms.

Giveaways generate followers.

Here I am talking about my Instagram account where I post pictures of my books. Everybody loves a giver and suddenly you have so many people who know you exist, who follow you and adore you.

Giveaways make you generous.

Most giveaways are not only about books but accessories such as bookmarks and stuff. Now you’re not only giving away a spare book you have but something that you could have. Isn’t that generous of you.

So writing this post actually made me realize the good things about us bookworms which I will write about in my next post: Amazing facts about Bookworms.

Thank you for reading and please do share your thoughts on book giveaways 🙂


Drop your thoughts here :) Positive or Negative, all accepted <3

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