Amazing Facts about Bookworms

Books are simply amazing and one, specially bookworms can’t help but gush how amazing they are. In this post I’m going to actually gush about how amazing bookworms are.



Bookworms are creative and I mean that almost all are in some way. We make bookmarks and bangles, and other DIY stuff. If you are a bookworm you must be nodding your head and saying ‘Yes’ to yourself. Bookworms also try everything. If someone were to ask me what my hobby was I would say reading, but I also enjoying writing, cooking, making crafts, painting, gardening, sewing etc. I even collect coins and stamps! Similarly I have met a lot of fellow bookworms who do various other creative stuff. Ps. Bookworms make really good DIY stuff.



Bookworms are generous creatures. If I had two books of the same I would gladly give one away. Similarly we have book giveaways which are fun, a great way to meet other bibliophiles and fangirl with. Personally I love making bookmarks and cards and giving it away for my friends. I know several others who do the same and that’s why I say that we are generous.

Broad Mind

Yes we are broad minded. If you tell me something weird and I feel weird about it yet I would say ok and just go on unless it is totally weird. Tell me your gay and I’ll be like “alright your gay, that doesn’t matter, you love books, let’s be friends” We are also people who see beyond normal societal boundaries. I mean that’s how I feel!



We may be shy souls who wouldn’t dare speak a word to another at a party but when we meet another soul of similar taste you wish we had our mouths glued. We are also bold in things that others wouldn’t try.



If I were following your blog and don’t see you post for a long period, although I don’t know you last name still I would inquire how you are. We are like a family and proud of this family and worry about it to.


Suppose someone won a book giveaway which I badly hoped to win, I would put my sadness aside and congratulate the winner. If I were following your Instagram profile and liked your pictures I would tell my friends about you and help you generate a bigger audience. If you were going to publish a book I would support you however I can and tell you about book giveaways and other beneficial stuff like “hey if you can’t afford to buy books why don’t you check out netgalley”. This is not just me, I know of so many of my fellow bloggers who have supported me so and I’m proud of these creatures.

I also take time to visit other people’s blogs and comment and offer my support in some way. Recently this has not been happening coz it seems I have a million things to do and that makes me feel so guilty and sad.

Happy life


Books transform our world. If I’m sad I just grab a book and I’m so into the book I forget about things that troubled me. I may not have the money to travel the world but I have lived in a hut in Africa on a missionary journey, travelled in a train in London, tasted the dust in the Middle East and met aliens in America. I’ve eaten shrimps and crabs although I’m a vegetarian. I’ve been to the moon and back.

Good at writing


Those who read are also good at some type of writing. It could be even that you’re writing sucks but hey you at least try. All those who read books have a book or diary hidden away filled with maybe poems, stories or songs.

Animal lovers


I really don’t know how much this is true but all the bookworms that I’ve known have owned a pet at some point in their lives or love to own a pet (me!). PS. Most of them are also vegetarians.

So do you think we are amazing and tell me about all the traits of bookworms that you have noticed.


Drop your thoughts here :) Positive or Negative, all accepted <3

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